An artist, and a family man

It all happened by chance.  I woke up one morning, hopped onto a bus heading into San Francisco to take a tour of an art school, and before I knew it, I was signing my name on the dotted line and taking a big leap of faith.  That was a defining moment for myself and a day that I will never forget.  Some might say that I have always been an artist, but it took me a long time to actually believe it.  I've always gravitated towards all kinds of arts - drawing, sculpting, writing and photography.  But my first intrigue with computer graphics began when I first saw Jurassic Park.  I remember thinking to myself that the people who do this for a living must be geniuses beyond comprehension - an unreachable dream of a career.  Fast forward to today, I find myself in the midst of that unreachable career as a 3D Artist, where I currently produce art for DreamWorks Animation.  During my time at DreamWorks and throughout my career, I've grown as an artist, but also as an individual.  I've had the privilege of being surrounded by extraordinary talent from which I have gathered invaluable experience and amazing friendships.  

I've always had a keen eye for life, both in how we experience it individually and collectively - which has only been enriched by my amazing wife and two daughters.  It's with this eye that I embrace every bit of creativity that my imagination offers.  My biggest hope is that along this amazing journey, I've succeeded in inspiring and enriching the many people that have done so for me.